Scorned Mount Sinai Doctor Rearranged Lab Rats

Mice on a lab table surrounded by chemical glassware

It’s part Office Space and part Willard: When Dr. Mohsen Hosseinkhani lost his Mount Sinai Medical Center fellowship, he exacted revenge by stealing materials and, more creepily, mixing up test subject rats. Not liberating them, mind you — he just “moved all the animals around from cage to cage so they didn’t know which was which.” Hosseinkhani returned to the lab this week, six months after he was let go, and pocketed some more tools to add to the stem-cell cultures and antibodies he stole over the summer, some of which he flew to Russia, including a “cancerous chemical.” The supposed doctor, whose educational history is shady, too, has been charged with burglary and grand larceny, but we might all be sorry when we see what he’s been cooking up in the basement.