Zuccotti Park Owners Didn’t Pay $139,000 in Taxes, City Says

Photo: Mario Tama/2011 Getty Images

The finance department of New York City claims that Brookfield Properties, which owns the formerly occupied Zuccotti Park, owes $139,000 in unpaid business taxes from 2006–2009. "That’s obviously ironic," said Councilman Jumaane Williams, who was arrested while demonstrating against the park's clearing of protesters. "Occupy Wall Street has been talking about economic disparity ... and here’s Brookfield Properties, which has worked with the mayor to keep the messengers out, not paying their share." Brookfield says it's the city's mistake and that they "anticipate that this error will be resolved very shortly with Brookfield owing no additional funds." Other top city debitors include Lehman Brothers, Al Sharpton, and the Philadelphia Eagles, so Brookfield's company is mixed at best.