Chelsea Clinton’s NBC Deal Is Only for 90 Days

Photo: Daniel Berehulak/Getty Images

"Page Six" reports that, apparently, Chelsea Clinton's much-trumpeted deal with NBC as an on-air correspondent was more of a temporary gig than a regular job:

Her contract is for only 90 days, and while she’ll provide the network with two more stories, sources say it is not certain she’ll immediately sign again.

Some sources believe Chelsea was “set up for a fall” after NBC trumpeted her deal to become a full-time special correspondent for the network in the New York Times in November.

"Set up for a fall" sounds a little dramatic — Chelsea didn't do wonderfully in her first segment, but she wasn't terrible, either. Sounds more like, perhaps, both sides just wanted a bit of publicity, and realized there might be diminishing returns after the initial bump. "Chelsea wanted a 90-day contract to see if she liked it," a source told "Page Six." But who knows? Maybe Chelsea is trolling journalism job boards right now, looking for somewhere else that will let her learn the ropes as a cub reporter.