Damien Hirst’s Pricey Scavenger Hunt


Noted marketing genius (and, fine, artist) Damien Hirst is currently showing a massive retrospective of his spot paintings, spread across all eleven of Larry Gasogian's galleries worldwide, in places as far apart as Hong Kong and Geneva. So most people probably won't see them all. Unless, that is, they have thousands upon thousands of dollars and oodles of time to spare. Hirst has come up with something he's calling the Complete Spot Challenge. Go to all eleven galleries within a month, and fill out your (spotted!) stamp card, and win a personalized signed print of one of the spot paintings. So, the economics don't make it worth it, obviously — it's basically more like the Idle Rich Person Olympics. New Yorkers, you've got a home field advantage.  Three out of eleven galleries are here. You're not gonna let some Moscow billionaire's bored wife win this first, are you?

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