David Axelrod Drops the S-Bomb

"The President and Bo, the Obama family dog, ride in the presidential motorcade en route to PetSmart in Alexandria, Va. The President bought Bo some Christmas gifts at the pet store then walked nearby to Best Buy to purchase gifts for his daughters.
It sure is comfy in here, isn't it boy? Yes it is. Yes it is. Photo: Pete Souza/Official White House Photo

Earlier today, nearly 30 years after Mitt Romney took a twelve-hour drive with Seamus, the family’s diarrheal dog, strapped to the roof of the car inside an air-tight kennel — and nearly 5 years after the story was first reported by the Boston Globe — Obama adviser David Axelrod tweeted out a photo of President Obama riding in a car with Bo, along with this message: “How loving owners transport their dogs.” Burn.

Possible October surprise: Days before the election, Seamus, who has been kept in suspended animation by the Democratic Machine, gives a nationally televised tell-all press conference with Gloria Allred.