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liu to you

Happy Birthday, Mr. Comptroller

NEW YORK, NY - MAY 18:  43rd Comptroller of New York City John C. Liu attends a welcome party for new columnists at The Chelsea Room on May 18, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Desiree Navarro/WireImage) Party time.

John Liu, the city's scandal-embattled comptroller, has had a rough year. Perhaps that's why, for his upcoming birthday bash, he's decided to be indulgent and break one of his personal rules. Some people faced with a massive fund-raising-related brouhaha might lay low on such an occasion, but not this guy!

The Post reports that Liu will celebrate with a fund-raiser for his mayoral campaign. And for the evening, he'll rescind his self-imposed ban against accepting donations greater than $800.“We are asking people to contribute up to the [$4,950] maximum, like all candidates," a spokesman told the paper. Treat yo'self, John Liu!

Photo: Desiree Navarro/WireImage