John Heilemann on The Last Word: Newt Gingrich Was Deflated and Ill-Prepared for Debate


Immediately after the 19th GOP debate in Jacksonville, Florida, New York’s own John Heilemann spoke with Lawrence O’Donnell on The Last Word about Newt Gingrich’s second poor debate effort in a row. Heilemann found that Gingrich was flat, unprepared with opposition research, and generally, lacked a debate strategy. And with voter appeal as a backdrop, Heilemann offered an easily-digestible assessment of the types of people backing the two leading candidates. “When people used to divide voters into the wine track and the beer track, you got the beer track for Gingrich and very much the wine track and the cucumber sandwiches with the crust trimmed off kind of crowd showing up for Romney events.” Heilemann also commented on Romney’s immigration position and how it might affect him in a general election.