Jon Corzine Is Shopping for NYC Office Space

Perhaps a home office might be in order? Photo: Photos: Jose Ignacio Soto/Getty Images, Mario Tama/Getty Images, iStockphoto

Now that he's presumably no longer in the market for a new chateau, Jon Corzine has focused his real-estate energy elsewhere. The Wall Street Journal reports that Corzine, fresh off the professional glory that was MF Global, is hunting for office space in Manhattan. He's said to be looking at 40 Wall Street, near the Stock Exchange, and, more specifically, at office space within brokerage firm John Carris Investment.  It'd be a friendly space, presumably; Corzine "knows at least one of the securities firm's executives from earlier in his career, said a person familiar with Mr. Corzine's thinking." And the firm's clients have a history with Corzine, too.

One more connection between Mr. Corzine and John Carris: A list of recent transactions on the securities firm's website includes securities offerings for AMP Holding Inc., a Loveland, Ohio, designer of electric-vehicle conversion systems. Maggie Moran, an AMP director, was Mr. Corzine's deputy chief of staff when he was New Jersey governor, according to a March 2011 securities filing by the company. Another director, Nancy Dunlap, oversaw "all personal investment and legal affairs of Mr. Corzine" since 1999, according to the same filing.

At the time, Ms. Dunlap was planning to join Mr. Corzine at MF Global as a vice president, the filing said. It isn't clear whether she went through with the job. Ms. Dunlap and Ms. Moran couldn't be reached for comment. AMP declined to comment.

Corzine supposedly isn't seeking a job with the firm, though. Which, if true, leaves open the question of what exactly he'll do with that office. Setting up his own shop doesn't exactly seem like a viable option. Maybe he wants a quiet space to do the crossword?