Kim Kardashian Is a Symbol of Bipartisanship


Kim Kardashian is no longer just an easy symbol for Republican politicians to tout as all that they find distasteful in American culture. Now liberals are doing the same thing! A California group, Courage Campaign, has launched a TV campaign to raise taxes on the wealthy. Specifically,  a campaign to raise taxes on Kim Kardashian:

After a montage of Kardashian images, the campaign alleges, "Kim Kardashian made $12 million in 2010!" The ad stacks this up against the average "Middle-Class Californian," who made $47,000. The ad alleges that Kardashian’s tax rate was 10.3% — just one percent higher than the tax rate for average citizens.

There’s also a website, So maybe it’s just that both Republicans and Democrats alike have realized that voters are more likely to Google Kardashian than marginal tax rate.