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stuck in the mittle

Mitt Romney Overdoing It

CEDAR FALLS, IA - DECEMBER 29:  Former Massachusetts Governor and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney greets supporters during a campaign event at J's Homestyle Cooking December 29, 2011 in Cedar Falls, Iowa. Recent state-wide polls put Romney and fellow candidate Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) close going into next week's first-in-the-country Iowa Caucuses, a litmus test for the GOP hopefuls.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Mitt Romney came into the 2012 presidential race with a reputation as a stiff, humanoid robot. Consequently, he's been making a concerted effort to seem more warm and friendly when interacting with voters on the campaign trail. But there's a happy middle ground between "robotic" and "maniac on ecstasy" — a middle ground that seems to elude Romney on a regular basis.

Photo: Getty Images