NYPD Dogs Will Be Strapped With Infrared Cameras

german shepherd (13 months old)  in front of a white background.
Photo: Eric Isselée/iStockphoto

The new German shepherds in the NYPD’s K-9 unit — ones with brutish names like Apache, Tank, and Ranger — will be equipped with $9,000 infrared cameras, "the same type used by the Navy Seals in the raid on Osama bin Laden’s compound last year," the New York Times reports. The technology sends real-time images back to officers, which they can view on wrist monitors that look "like an oversize watch." This and other futuristic advancements come courtesy of $100,000 in grants from FEMA and the TSA, which also bought doggy GPS systems and collars that light up, so Shaggy and the gang will never get spooked by the bad guys again.