NYPD Officer Fired for Flashing Says Lack of Foreskin Proves His Innocence


A former NYPD cop is using an unexpected weapon to win his job back: his penis. His circumcised penis, to be exact, because the foreskin makes all the difference, according to 31-year-old ex-cop Owen Hopper. Hopper was fired in September (for an incident dating back to 2010) for exposing himself to a female prisoner in a holding cell. His accuser described his member “unequivocally” as an uncircumcised penis. At an administrative hearing, Owen provided uncontested medical evidence and “proof that his penis was circumcised and had been so since [his] childhood.”

But according to the New York Post, the decision that resulted in Hopper’s firing turned on the fact-finder’s stance that in some cases, erect penises are created equal.

The hearing officer “in his finding and determination unjustly concludes that an erect circumcised penis and erect uncircumcised penis will appear the same and could have had the complainant confused,” the suit gripes, even though “there was no expert of factual evidence or testimony submitted” about the differences between the two kinds of penises.

We’ll soon find out what type of rate a penis expert’s testimony can command. And who qualifies.