Ray Kelly Outlaws NYPD Merch for Cops


Right next to all the crude T-shirts in every New York City gift shop, there is merchandise emblazoned with the NYPD logo — hats, mugs, baby-doll tees, ties, and so on. But under a new order from Commissioner Ray Kelly, real police officers are banned from wearing any of the gear, except for their official uniforms, DNA Info reports. According to a new Prohibited Conduct order, it’s against the rules to display “any item of apparel which contains a Department logo or shield, or in any way identifies its wearer with the New York City Police Department unless approved by the Uniform and Equipment Review Committee, prior to being worn by a member of the service, uniformed or civilian, on or off-duty.”

Also illicit is “the use of the Department logo or shield in artistic or mural forms, in caricature or cartoon-like representation.” Columnist Murray Weiss says Kelly enacted the rule after seeing an officer wearing an NYPD T-shirt with the slogan, “Kill Them All and Let God Sort It Out.” That one should probably not be allowed. But all of it?

This means no tie clips, money clips, cuff links, label pins or pinkie rings with the NYPD logo,” said one cop. Yes, the pinkie rings, too. Kelly really wasn’t kidding about the fashion-forward force.