Are Romney’s Most Energetic Supporters in South Carolina Bused-In Mormon Students?

South Carolinians, or out-of-town Mormons? (Emmanuel Dunand/AFP/Getty Images) Photo: EMMANUEL DUNAND/2012 AFP

Mitt Romney isn't particularly known for having droves of young, pumped-up, screaming supporters — that's Ron Paul's domain. But with Newt Gingrich's last-minute rise in the South Carolina polls, the Romney campaign has been trying (desperately) to create buzz for their own Palmetto State momentum. Except most of the youthful Romney fans who flocked to a recent rally in Lexington and to the great Pork-alypse at Tommy's Country Ham House this morning are actually out-of-staters: students from Brigham Young University in Utah and young Mormons from Washington, D.C., and Virginia. One BYU student who spoke with Buzzfeed said he believed the Romney campaign would be reimbursing them for their travel expenses: "Not true," said spokeswoman Andrea Saul.