Ron Paul Suggests He Might Be Willing to Support Gingrich as the Nominee

What about my candidacy? Photo: Pool/2011 Getty Images

About 15 minutes into the NBC Republican candidate debate in Florida, Brian Williams recognized Ron Paul's presence. Williams asked him if Newt Gingrich emerged as the GOP nominee, would Paul run as a third party candidate. Ron Paul said no.

Then Williams shifted on that subject and asked Paul, "Would you support Newt Gingrich as nominee of the GOP?"

Paul's response: "He keeps hinting about attacking the Fed, and he talks about gold, and if I could just change him on foreign policy, we might be able to talk business."

Implied by the back-and-forth was the idea that Paul would not win the nomination, but nevertheless, Paul answered honestly. Williams asked Gingrich if he would be willing to adjust his stance to get an endorsement from the Texas congressman.

"Well I got one on Friday from Governor Perry which I liked a lot," Gingrich said. "So I like endorsements from Texas."