The Subway Lines You Never Got to Ride

Lost Subways: Abandoned Stations & Unbuilt Lines
Lost Subways: Abandoned Stations & Unbuilt Lines Photo: Balance Media and John Keefe/WNYC

That lovely map above is a WNYC-produced visualization of all the New York City subway projects that were never actually built, or were abandoned partway through construction. Alternate-universe New York, the one with no budget crises whatsoever, would have been really easy to navigate. Take the N train to Staten Island! The F to Williamsburg! In WNYC’s version, you can mouse over each station and learn how and why it never came to fruition. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone built a beautifully rendered visualization of all YOUR failures and charted your epic procrastinations? This is an especially fun thing to think about during New Year’s resolution season. (No, it’s not.)