Times Are Tight for Occupy Wall Street

The good old days. Photo: Bloomberg/2011 Bloomberg

When Zuccotti Park was occupied, the protest movement's war chest felt huge, with donations totaling some $700,000. Those funds have since dropped to around $300,000, with some reports putting the figure as low as $170,000, what with the $100,000 bail fund, plus money for food, supplies, and the $20,000 the group sent out to Oakland. Post-eviction, the cash isn't exactly rolling in: Donations are under $30,000 so far this month, while back in the first half of October, they were around $330,000. As a result, the group has instituted a partial spending freeze to save up for a planned resurgence in the warmer months. That 56-acre plot upstate that the group dropped $3,000 on when things were rosy, for instance, will have to wait. Country homes are so one percent anyway.