Cenedella Won’t Challenge Gillibrand After All

Marc Cenedella of Theladders.com.
Photo: Johannes Simon/Getty Images

Marc Cenedella, the wealthy 41-year-old founder of Ladders.com, won’t be the Republican challenger to Senator Kirsten Gillibrand after all. Cenedella’s pulling out in the wake of a Times article that exposed entries on his blog which, among other things, advocated for a national steak and blow job day and considered the difference between sexy and skanky. Women’s groups like Emily’s List weren’t pleased, to say the least. Cenedella’s wife then came under fire for her own blog, and so he’s decided not to run — but not without some parting words for Gillibrand, whose campaign he blamed for leaking the information about his web presence to the Times. “Her early and unfounded attacks on me, her weak poll numbers and her lethargic quarterly fund-raising results all point to a politician in trouble,” he said. Axe to grind, strong opinions without a platform to express them, an affection for dramatic adjectives … sounds like someone’s going to start a new blog!