Matthew Broderick Hasn’t Been to the High Line

Matthew Broderick at Opening Night Performance for Tony Award Winner Christine Ebersole.
Go to the High Line: It is so choice. Photo: Jimi Celeste/

The High Line is one of the most popular new-ish sights in all of Manhattan, having hosted over six million visitors since opening two and a half years ago. But, despite living nearby, Matthew Broderick isn’t one of them. “I didn’t go up to the High Line, which I live two blocks from,” he told us last night at Christine Ebersole’s opening night at the Café Carlyle, when we asked him which New York-y things he’s been meaning to do. “That’s when you really know you’re from New York — you don’t even bother when something is 100 feet from your house, even when everyone’s talking about it!” Oh come on, Matthew, don’t be so blasé. Next time you fake sick, go check out the High Line! It’s so close, you won’t even need your Honda CR-V.