Mitt Romney Doesn’t Think Presidential Candidates Should Weigh In on Birth Control

Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney speaks during a campaign rally at Capital University on February 29, 2012
Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Mitt Romney, in an interview that’s set to air tonight with Jim Heath of ONN TV, said “the idea of presidential candidates getting into questions about contraception … I’m not going there.” He added “contraception is working just fine, let’s just leave it alone.” But what would Rick Santorum talk about, one wonders? (Which is exactly why Romney said it, of course.) 

Romney was referring specifically to the Blunt amendment, proposed legislation that would allow employers to deny coverage for birth control if it conflicts with their religious beliefs. Senate moderates are still hemming and hawing over whether the bill is too broad to support, but Romney, apparently center-tacking, said he wouldn’t vote for it. So he did “go there,” then, kind of? Hmm, kind of contradicting himself there.

But that was nothing! Shortly after Romney’s comments made the round on Twitter, his campaign issued a statement saying they were being “incorrectly reported” and that he does, in fact, support the amendment.  Except … there’s video of him very clearly saying no, he does not. “The way the question was asked was confusing,” according to a spokesman. Dude, so’s his answer now!