No More Fine Dining for Dogs

Martha Stewart==Martha Stewart Having Lunch with her dog at the Plaza==The Plaza, NYC==February 12, 2012==? Gaboury/
Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/

Time was, a dog who wanted to eat at a fine-dining establishment could just waltz in (hopefully on a leash) and ask to be seated. Actually, we’re not sure if that’s how it worked, exactly, but Martha Stewart definitely dined with her dog Genghis Khan at the Plaza, and every year, Sardi’s hosts the winner of the Westminster Dog Show for a nice meal. This year’s Pekingese champ, Malachy, apparently ordered chicken and rice — not adventurous, sure, but you’re really at Sardi’s for the atmosphere.

But those days are over. The Health Department told Sardi’s they can no longer host the winning dog, even if, as the owner says, the animal is served in a private room upstairs. Something about cleanliness, sanitation, blah, blah. We can only assume this means they’ve given the Plaza a similar warning — although if anyone could rise above this rule, it’s Genghis. He does have better manners and hygiene than many humans, after all.