Naming Parenting Blogs Is Hard to Do

Photo: Ralf Hettler/Copyright by Ralf Hettler

When Lisa Belkin moved her Motherlode blog from the New York Times to the Huffington Post, she changed its name to the clunkier Parentlode. Not feeling it was different enough, the Times sued HuffPo for trademark infringement, leading Belkin to acquiesce and admit she “frankly, never really loved” the name anyway. Instead she took submissions from readers, offering the winner a trip to lunch with Arianna Huffington, in addition to a Times subscription “to show there are no hard feelings.” The very best idea was Parentry. Belkin says the name invokes ancestry, carpentry, archery, and pageantry. Plus, it combines parent and try, “which is as apt a summary of parenting as I’ve ever heard.” Also pantry; kids love snacks.