Obama Hopes Diplomacy Can Sway Iran

Photo: NBC

In an interview with Today’s Matt Lauer, President Obama said that he agrees that Israel is right to be very concerned with Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons. Despite Defense Secretary Leon Panetta’s belief that Israel might be ready to attack Iran as early as this spring, the president said he doesn’t think that Israel has reached a final decision yet and that the U.S. will push for all diplomatic options to be explored first. But if the notoriously intractable Iranian government rejects talks, the president says that military force is a definite option, as Iran becoming a nuclear power would be anything but good for the Middle East. As he told Lauer: “Our preferred solution is diplomatic, we’re going to keep on pushing on that front … [but] I’ve been very clear that we’re going to do everything we can to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon and creating an arms race, a nuclear arms race, in a volatile region.” Despite this, Obama believes that the measures taken up until now — mainly economic sanctions — are working. The interview also touched on other matters, like the president’s belief that he deserves a second term, and, of course, the Super Bowl (brand synergy!). Lauer attempted to get the president to pick a winner, even pointing out that the last time the Giants won, Obama won the election, but the president wasn’t having it.

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