The Park Slope Food Coop Is Going to Vote on Whether to Vote About Israel


Soon, hopefully, President Obama will have all the information he needs to better figure out how exactly to best structure the United States’ diplomatic position on the Israel-Palestine conflict. In fact, the whole mess might be solved! That’s because soon, we as a nation — nay, we as a world — will know whether the Park Slope Food Coop intends to speak out on the issue.

The question of whether or not to boycott Israeli food products is a long-simmering debate at the Coop. Three years long, in fact. But now, in what is either a move toward resolution or a clever satire of collectivism secretly paid for by Sheldon Adelson, the group will hold a meeting on March 27 to vote on whether they want to hold a referendum on the boycott.

It’s the Coop’s regular monthly meeting, but they’ve moved it to a larger space, since the regular one has a seating capacity of just 400. (There are 15,500 members or so in the group.) Conversation promises to be heated! But as the WSJ reminds us, this group is no stranger to controversy: ” [A] ban on bottled water took two years to push through.” And once you’ve solved that, what’s a little deep-seated, bloody ethnic tension with massive impact on the delicate balance of global foreign policy?