Sarah Palin, From Newsweek Hater to Contributor

MANCHESTER, NH - SEPTEMBER 05: Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin speaks at a Tea Party Express rally on September 5, 2011 at Veteran's Memorial Park in Manchester, New Hampshire. The rally is part of the 'Reclaiming America' bus tour traveling through 19 states and visiting 29 cities before arriving in Tampa, Florida for a presidential debate co-sponsored by CNN on September 12.  (Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)
Photo: Darren McCollester/2011 Getty Images

It was just a few weeks ago that Sarah Palin took to Twitter to blast Newsweek for running a cover story by her least favorite member of the lamestream media, Andrew Sullivan. It’s amazing how quickly things change though, as this week finds the former Alaska governor contributing to Tina Brown’s weekly. The essay, about her son Trig, was assigned to Palin after Rick Santorum’s decision to take time off from his campaign to be with his daughter, Bella, who came down with pneumonia last week, reports the Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone. Besides featuring the aforementioned Sullivan cover story, Newsweek’s sister-site, The Daily Beast, also hosts the writer’s popular news blog The Dish. Sullivan has of course spilled much digital ink on Palin, having a go at her at every opportunity, especially with regards to whether or not she is in fact the mother of Trig. That she would contribute to the magazine that frequently features one of her greatest press enemies is strange, but then again, this is Sarah Palin. It’s not like her relationship with the press has ever been anything less than exceedingly weird and almost tortuous — especially with Newsweek: Remember this? Also, Palin’s never really been one to actually stick with something (see her governorship and, um, this).