Chuck Schumer Rides His Bike Where He Wants to Ride His Bike


Sen. Chuck Schumer’s wife, former transportation commissioner Iris Weinshall, really, really hates the controversial Prospect Park West bike lane. She even went to far as to try to file a (quickly dismissed) lawsuit against the lane. Schumer, though he’s generally pro-bikers’ rights, has mostly remained silent on the topic of the PPW strip. But maybe actions speak louder than words? Paul Steely White, who’s involved with a pro-biking group called Tranportation Aternatives, spotted Schumer pedaling happily along the edge of the park this weekend, using the dreaded lane (and — shame on you, Chuck! —wearing what appear to be earbuds).

Some men rebel against their wives in midlife by buying a motorcyle or a fast car; this guy uses a specially designated area that makes his weekend hobby slightly safer.