Encyclopaedia Britanica Is Going Out of Print

An encyclopedia stands open in the reading room at the New York Public Library December 15, 2004 in New York City.
Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Sad news for people who like big books, or who like talking about how much they like big books: Encyclopaedia Britanica is stopping print production. After 244 years, the 32-volume, 129-pound 2010 set will be the company's last as it shifts gears to its online (but un-free) encyclopedias.

That other (free) online encyclopedia's entry about Encyclopaedia Britanica has not yet been updated with today's news. Instead, the entry's final paragraph is a 2009 quote from the managing director of Encyclopaedia Britanica:

Wikipedia is a fun site to use and has a lot of interesting entries on there, but their approach wouldn't work for Encyclopedia Britannica. My job is to create more awareness of our very different approaches to publishing in the public mind. They're a chisel, we're a drill, and you need to have the correct tool for the job.