John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Hillary Clinton Will Run in 2016


Joining the Morning Joe crew today to discuss a Maureen Dowd column on Hillary Clinton, John Heilemann said there is a “99.4 [percent chance]” that Clinton will run for president in 2016. “I think very high,” Heilemann said. The panel went on to discuss Mitt Romney’s victories in Hawaii and American Samoa last night, and whether there’s any chance of a brokered or contested Republican convention in August. A contested convention, in which no candidate has reached the required 1,144 delegates for the Republican nomination, Heilemann said, “is not inevitable but really very likely.” Even so, Heilemann says Republicans are sick of hearing Mitt Romney do delegate math to prove the nomination is somehow locked up. “Mitt Romney is making a math argument when the overwhelming number of the base does not want him,” he said.