Knicks Win: What a Difference a Coach Makes

Photo: Chris Trotman/2012 Getty Images

Imagine this: A few hours after Knicks' head coach Mike D'Antoni resigned after a six-game losing streak, the animating question in tonight's game against the Portland Trailblazers was whether the Knicks were showing good sportsmanship. With good reason, maybe: The Knicks beat the "Failblazers" by 42 points, 121–79, and the team looked positively giddy in the last minutes of the game, shooting three-pointers with the apparent ease of layups. It really happened!

D'Antoni resigned today after reported tension between D'Antoni and Carmelo Anthony. After the game, Anthony told reporters that he and "Coach Mike" had a "great relationship." Anthony said that he and D'Antoni were supposed to talk that evening: "I'll probably send him a text or something like that."