Manhattan Madam’s Accomplice Mulls Turning Herself In


The Williamsburg-based accomplice of the potbellied-pig-raising, Morgan Stanley name-dropping “mommy madam” Anna Gristine has finally been tracked down. The Post spoke with Jaynie Mae Baker, who insists she worked with Gristina as a matchmaker and that she has not been on the lam, as was initially reported, but rather on vacation with her sisters. Wherever she was, it must have been pretty far from civilization, cell phones, and the Internet, because she claims to have only just learned of Gristina’s arrest. (The Monroe County soccer mom is still being held on $2 million bail at Rikers Island, from where she recently told the Post that the District Attorney’s office is “trying to sweat me out. They are clearly trying to break me.” Still, she says she will not snitch on any of her high-profile clients.) While none of Baker’s sisters have yet been tracked down to confirm her story, the Daily News did get in touch with her estranged father, who, though he hasn’t seen her in 23 years, was still “shocked” and “bewildered” that she’s mixed up with a high-end escort ring. As for Baker, she’s already got herself a splashy lawyer and is currently negotiating with prosecutors about turning herself in.