New York Post Doesn’t Want Quitter’s Ad Dollars

 New York Post front page with headline  HEADLESS BODY IN TOPLESS BAR. April 15, 1983.
Photo: New York Post

Dan Aquilante worked at the New York Post for 32 years, much of it as the tabloid’s music critic, but recently left to start his own writing business. To alert his readers, and show “there’s no hard feelings between the Post and I,” Aquilante wanted to place an ad in the paper this week for his new service, but as Joe Pompeo reports at Capital New York, it was denied by Post editor Col Allan. “I’m baffled why you’d kill my ad,” Aquilante wrote Allan in an e-mail. “If you’d like, lets have a drink and talk it out.” So far Allan has not responded, evidently content with his sour grapes.