Newt Gingrich, High-School Con Artist

CHARLESTON, SC - JANUARY 20:  Republican presidential candidate and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich listens to hospital staff during a tour of the University of South Carolina Children's Hospital on January 20, 2012 in Charleston, South Carolina. Polls show that Gingrich's popularity in the state has surged ahead of Saturday's Republican primary election.  (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)
Gingrich takes what he wants. Photo: John Moore/2012 Getty Images

Ah, memories:

John Jameson (listed as Johnny in the yearbook), recalls only one encounter with Gingrich, who allegedly duped him out of a rare American Indian artifact.

In a sandy wash some youngsters called "our jungle" in south Junction City, Jameson said, he found either a knife or spear blade made from flint stone, and told of it in school.

Gingrich became interested in the find and encouraged Jameson to bring the blade to class.

"He said, 'I have a friend at the Smithsonian. I'll send it off for you.' I brought it in, and I've not seen it since," Jameson said.

And it was the disrespect he showed to that Native American artifact that curses Gingrich to this very day.