OWS Protesters March Against Police Brutality

STAN HONDA/AFP/Getty Images Photo: STAN HONDA/2011 AFP

Occupy Wall Street addressed its perennially crappy relationship with the NYPD with a Saturday afternoon demonstration against police brutality. The day began with a rally of about 50 people at Zuccotti Park, where they called for an end to police abuse of protesters and for the resignation of Ray Kelly. (A statement on the movement's website read, in part, "Former commissioner Raymond Kelly, we, the people have decided you no longer have a job. Any acts of brutality you order as we act only serve as further evidence of your misconduct.") The crowd increased to a few hundred as the occupiers marched to Union Square, the site of a large eviction earlier this week. According to several reports, "scuffles" along the way led to the arrest of a handful of protesters, though the police have not released any official information on numbers or charges so far.