Rick Santorum Now Depending on His Bowling Prowess to Win Elections

COLUMBUS, OH - FEBRUARY 18:  Republican presidential candidate and former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum speaks during a Tea Party rally February 18, 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. Santorum is campaigning in Ohio ahead of the March 6 state primary.  (Photo by Jay LaPrete/Getty Images)
This hand alone can bowl us to greatness. (Jay LaPrete/Getty Images)Photo: Jay LaPrete/2012 Getty Images

Today on CBS’s Face the Nation, Rick Santorum made his latest appeal to voters in Wisconsin, who go to the polls a week from Tuesday.


At the bowling alley itself Saturday, he took this line of reasoning a little bit further, describing himself as “someone who knows how to bowl, someone who grew up like you grew up, someone who believes what you believe and someone who will fight like you will fight to make sure this country is free and safe and prosperous.”

Santorum then noted that then-candidate Barack Obama threw gutter-balls, and look what a mess he made of things. In his stead, the man who bowled a turkey. Our savior!