Things Are Getting Awfully Stabby Out in Darien

Photo: Martin Child

Morgan Stanley investment banker William Bryan Jennings has probably had a hard life, filled with jokes about off-brand crosses of gold. Perhaps that’s why he became so (allegedly) filled with anger that he stabbed a cab driver with a pen knife after the guy charged him more money than he wanted to pay for a cab ride from Manhattan to Darien, Connecticut. As the driver tells it, the amount was $200 and the result was that Jennings began yelling racial slurs at him (he’s being charged with a hate-crime); in Jennings and his lawyer’s version, it was an extortionate $300, and the driver tried to”abduct” him by driving back to the city after Jennings refused to pay that fare and the dispute got heated. He only ended up stabbing the guy, says Jennings’s lawyer, by accident after he’d pulled the knife in fear and a scuffle ensued. Whatever the true facts of the case, it’s a great advertisement for sticking to the meter reading.