Want to Buy an Apartment Formerly Owned by a Shut-in and Obsessive Doll Collector?

This Aug. 11, 1930 file photo shows Mrs. Huguette Clark Gower, daughter of the late Sen. William A. Clark of Montana, a copper magnate, in Reno, Nev.
$24 million-dollar attitude. Photo: AP

Huguette Clark, the fascinating socialite recluse who died last year at the age of 104, left behind not only a valuable collection of dolls, but a whole heap of pricy real estate. Not only were her properties fabulous, they were gently used: Clark spent her final years living in Beth Israel hospital. Now, you can buy Clark’s real estate! If you’re willing to wait while they haul out the dolls (and the Monets and Renoirs), that is. Her estate is selling three apartments at 907 Fifth Avenue, each containing about 5,000 square feet. There’s an apartment for every price point: $24 million, $19 million, and a mere $12 million, if you’re just looking for a little starter place.