Caddish Mayor Bloomberg Smooches Miss Piggy


During a rather delightful press conference this morning announcing the Muppets’ appointment as the city’s official 2o12 “Family Ambassadors” meant to promote tourism (and, perhaps, to light up the e-mail chains at Goldman Sachs), an otherwise bored-seeming Michael Bloomberg perked up when he saw the opportunity to get a little action. “I’m going to give Miss Piggy a kiss because, uh, we’re old friends,” the mayor said before diving right in there. Twice! “One day Lady Gaga, and then, Miss Piggy, ” he said, musing post-snout-snog on his very active 2012.

Later in the press conference, when a reporter asked which of his recent conquests he preferred, the mayor said, diplomatically, “A kiss with Diana [Taylor, his longtime girlfriend] is better … just to get me through the evening.” But maybe he needn’t have worried too much about this latest exploration. After the Gaga smooch, an amused Taylor told the press, “He always asks for forgiveness, never permission.” Will she feel differently about a cross-species dalliance, though?

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