CookieGate Baker ‘Couldn’t Believe’ Romney Insult


The baker at Bethel Bakery in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania, at the center of "CookieGate," appeared on Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell on Thursday night, where the host asked the baker how shocked he was that Mitt Romney called his award-winning cookies the lowest form of cookie he could think of, a 7-Eleven offering. "I couldn't believe it," Walsh said. "I was shocked, dumbfounded. Because we were all excited he was coming to town and made sure the cookies got up there. I'm sure that they were well-received by all the guests, but we were definitely surprised."

O'Donnell pressed further, attempting to portray Romney's campaign trail remarks celebrating small-business owners as insincere, given the foolish insult. But Walsh was much more forgiving, calling it a "simple, naive" icebreaker, and saying he'd like to have Romney come back and enjoy the best taste of Bethel Bakery. Or perhaps Romney could at least pretend.