Eric Cantor Is in Trouble for Donating to a Super PAC

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 19: Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) speaks during a news conference at the U.S. Capitol, on July 19, 2011 in Washington, DC. House Republicans introduced a cut, cap and balance, plan would raise the debt ceiling $2.4 trillion, but only after significant spending cuts, and a constitutional amendment requiring a balanced federal budget. (Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images) Photo: Mark Wilson/2011 Getty Images

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor's hair may be full of secrets, but it was unable to contain the fact that he recently donated $25,000 to a Super PAC "devoted to defeating incumbent House members," including some of his fellow Republicans. Cantor is reportedly spending his holiday weekend attempting to soothe hurt feelings over his contribution to the Campaign for Primary Accountability which, he says, was specifically intended to back up his endorsement of Representative Adam Kinzinger in his Republican-on-Republican primary battle in Illinois. Still, according to one GOP strategist, "people" (including House Speaker John Boehner, House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, and National Republican Congressional Committee Chairman Pete Sessions) are "a little bit stunned."