Etan Search Resumes, No Remains Found [Updated]

Etan Patz. wikipedia

A thorough search of handyman Othniel Miller's former basement workshop turned up items of interest, but no remains, in the case of Etan Patz, the boy who disappeared in 1979 near 127B Prince Street. Work was suspended Sunday night owing to rain, but will resume Monday morning, according to the FBI.

"The search in the Patz location has concluded and there was nothing conclusive found," a law enforcement source said. "A stain on the wall is being tested (in a laboratory) but it's inconclusive what that's about. The digging has been done. There were no bones or obvious human remains found."

According to The Wall Street Journal, investigators did a DNA swab of the stain and removed a block of the concrete wall for more tests at the FBI laboratory in Quantico, Virginia.

Miller is one of several persons of interest according to officials. He was a "family friend" who had hired Etan for some chores and wasn't searched extensively during the initial investigation.

"Mr. Miller decries these efforts to sully his good reputation and destroy his family," said Michael Farkas, Miller's attorney. "He has absolutely no responsibility for the terrible tragedy that befell young Etan Patz, and he grieves for Etan's fate as all New Yorkers have for decades."

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