Etan Patz Search Ends Without a Breakthrough

Photo: null/wikipedia

Investigators are done tearing up the Soho basement where they’ve been digging for leads in the 33-year-old disappearance of Etan Patz. The FBI said Monday that it had "concluded the on-site portion of the search. The street and local businesses will be reopened." The Times reports that "parts of a cinder block with what appeared to be a bloodstain" has been sent to a lab for testing, but as previously reported, "There were no bones or obvious human remains found." Update: The Daily News says animal bones and one hair that doesn’t appear to match Etan’s were also discovered in the basement, which was formerly occupied by neighborhood handyman Othneil Miller, whose ex-wife reportedly triggered the new search. "This is how innocent people become irreversibly branded as criminals," said Miller’s lawyer.