Even the Idle Rich Want to Be Tech Entreprenuers

Photo: istockphoto

Old money is, with the occasional notable exception, supposed to want to sit around sipping gin, perhaps shooting BB guns Fat Elvis–style at valuable antique copies of Horatio Alger stories, and generally exuding ennui while despoiling the name of the hardworking titans of industry who earned them their trust funds lo these many years past. That’s just the American way! But now, according to DealBook, old money wants to make new cash: They’ve discovered the tech boom.

For instance, while the older Kushner brother buys a deadwood newspaper, 26-year-old Joshua has his own technology investment firm. There’s a Rockefeller, 32-year-old Justin, working in biz-dev for a software start-up firm (a sideline to his venture capital career). David Tisch has a key role in innovation incubator TechStars’ New York presence. Though there’s the occasional bit of skepticism from the tech community, mostly, these old-money arrivistes have been welcomed, according to the Times. Most important, they seem to know what they’re doing, and besides, “the well-to-do may not have to worry about coming up with capital.”