Geese Strike Again

MELTON MOWBRAY, ENGLAND - MAY 12: Canada Geese and goslings walk across the course during the first round of the Handa Senior Masters presented by the Stapleford Forum played at Stapleford Park on May 12, 2010 in Melton Mowbray, England. (Photo by Phil Inglis/Getty Images) Photo: Phil Inglis/2010 Getty Images

JetBlue flight 571 departing from Westchester County Airport on Tuesday evening got smacked in the windshield by a pair of geese shortly after takeoff, causing the captain to make an emergency landing. “There was damage to the plane and the pilots decided to return to the airport,” operations manager Jeremy Nielson said. “I’m sure the passengers are happy to be on the ground.” The Daily News notes that birds forced a Delta flight from JFK to make an unexpected turnaround just last week. None of the 58 passengers and crew were injured on the JetBlue plane. The geese, however, made their final flight.