John Liu Is Now Spending More Defending His Fund-raising Than He’s Taking in From Fund-raising

Photo: Bloomberg/2010 Bloomberg

John Liu, the scandal-ensnared city comptroller, is still holding fund-raisers for ... something. It's definitely not for reelection to his current office, according to a Post source, who told the paper that "he’s either running for mayor or not at all." A mayoral race would be awfully fraught, to say the least. So what might Liu want with a restocked campaign chest? According to political consultant Hank Sheinkopf, “Liu’s campaign fund is turning into a legal-defense fund." To date this year, he's spent $162,354.92, more than $100,000 of which went for legal fees and crisis management. That's compared with just $82,305 in cash raised. Seems unsustainable, but hey, we're not comptrollers ourselves.