Mitt Romney Isn’t Sure About These Cookies


Turn the "Days Without Mitt Romney Saying Something Shockingly Elitist" sign back to zero. Or, technically, two. On Tuesday afternoon, Romney sat down for a 45-minute chat at a picnic table with a handful of voters from Bethel Park, Pennsylvania. He was there to listen and learn about the financial concerns of everyday Americans — to demonstrate that, though he's a multi-multi-millionaire with a car elevator, he's still fighting for the common man. And for most of the rectangular-table discussion, that's what he did. But the only thing anyone is going to remember about the summit at Bethel Park is what Romney said about the cookies. 

"I'm not sure about these cookies," Romney said at one point, eyeing a plate of cookies on the table as if they were covered in human excrement. "They don't — they don't look like you made them." He turned to the woman next to him. "You didn't, did you?" After she confirmed that she did not, in fact, personally bake the cookies, Romney theorized as to the where such unappetizing specimens might have come from. "No, no," he continued, as his entire campaign staff died inside. "They came from the, local, uh, 7-Eleven" — "bakery," someone interjected — "bakery, or wherever." Indeed, the cookies were the pride of the popular local Bethel Bakery, which had heard about the Romney event and made sure to get their trademark treats in front of him. 

That any politician — much less one already battling a reputation for being out of touch — would ever vocalize such thoughts, in front of voters, on camera, is absolutely baffling. Who cares if it might be a cookie from 7-Eleven? Just eat the fucking cookie. Or, at the very least, don't go out of your way to insult it. But the evidence is mounting that Romney just can't help it. He has no filter, no ear for what he sounds like in the company of Normals. Which is a pretty unfortunate condition, for a presidential candidate.