New York’s Second-Place Lottery Winners Would Prefer to Have Been First

Intel Andre's losing numbers.

As you are no doubt now well aware, the three big winners of Friday’s $640 million Mega Millions are not in New York. However, according to reports, the state sold seventeen second-placers (or first-losers, depending on what type of high-school sports coach you had), ten of which are located in the city. Those tickets (161 were sold across the country) are worth $250,000, and the Post has already tracked down the owners of one of them: a group of employees of Forest Hills restaurant Fuji Japanese Cuisine (and a few of their friends), who split the cost of the ticket and missed the jackpot by a single number. After taxes, each of the twelve people will get about $14,000. One of them, Ivy Song, summed up her feelings about the fairly lucky numbers this way: “I feel lucky and unfortunate at the same time.”