Newt Gingrich Dropping Out (Eventually)

Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

After losing every single county in five states last night, dead-in-the-water presidential candidate Newt Gingrich will finally give up his quest for the GOP nomination, according to NBC News, but not until Tuesday (Update: Or later!). Gingrich reportedly wants to give his family time to get to Washington, D.C., for the speech, where there is a "high likelihood" that he will endorse Mitt Romney. "I think you have to at some point be honest with what's happening in the real world, as opposed to what you’d like to have happened," said a sad Gingrich in North Carolina today. "I think obviously that I would be a better candidate, but the objective fact is the voters didn't think that." This is us holding our tongue and trying not to kick a man while he's down.