Rahm Emanuel Badly Wants to Start a Feud With NYC

Photo: Scott Olson/Getty Images

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel is famous chiefly for (a) unexpectedly having been a ballet dancer a long time ago and (b) being really fuckin' prickly. (We only use that particular coarse descriptor because it's surely the one he'd choose for himself.) Having run low on actual feuds, Emanuel is trying to gin up one with the city of New York, on the apparent theory that it makes for good copy. 

Emanuel was doing a photo shoot for Michigan Avenue magazine when he overheard a New Yorker extolling the virtues of her hometown. As the Daily News reports, Emanuel said, "That’s the thing about New Yorkers. Always talking about how much you love your city. Here in Chicago, we just do.” While our tabloid newspapers (and blogs — hi!) eagerly took the bait, Mayor Bloomberg's office, in an appropriate comeback, declined to comment.