Romney Dog Seamus Actually Loved Trips Atop Car, Says Ann Romney [Updated]

Photo: Wikipedia

Well why didn't Ann Romney just say so earlier? It turns out the outrage over the treatment of Seamus the Irish setter is misguided: The Romney family dog, who got strapped to the roof of the family car in an air-tight crate for a twelve hour road trip in 1983, during which he defecated all over himself and on the windshield, thoroughly enjoyed the experience! “The dog loved it,” Ann Romney told Diane Sawyer. “He would see that crate and, you know, he would, like, go crazy because he was going with us on vacation." Would Seamus also go crazy when he was shoved in a bath, got tied to a post outside a boutique on a hot day, and had a thermometer jammed in his rear?

Update: Sawyer asked Mitt if he would transport Seamus that way again. He responded, "Certainly not with the attention it's received." Attention is the difference here? We don't think that, were it not for Romney's political ambitions, Seamus would have been tied up and dragged behind the car. But Romney leaves way too much room for doubt.