Romney Campaign Will Probably Make Hungry Hungry Hippos Reference Soon

Mitt Romney will not be invited to President Obama's monthly Oval Office hide-and-seek matches. Photo: The White House/2009 White House

Exactly two weeks after a close adviser compared Mitt Romney to an Etch A Sketch, Romney himself, in a speech before the American Society of News Editors today, proclaimed that “this is not the time for President Obama’s hide-and-seek campaign,” meaning, Obama should not hide his true plans for a second term, and challenges the press to uncover them.

The following are the odds of the Romney campaign mentioning various children’s games during the course of the campaign season:

Hungry Hungry Hippos: 3/1

  • A reference to President Obama’s insatiable hunger for American tax dollars.

Pin the Tail on the Donkey: 5/1

  • A line in Romney’s convention speech, except it will be “Pin the Fail on the Donkey.”

Sorry!: 8/1

  • What President Obama should say to all the taxpayers whose money he keeps taking for no reason. 

Musical Chairs: 14/1

  • Many VP candidates will be vetted, but only one will have a seat on the GOP ticket when the music stops, Romney will explain in a Hannity interview in July.

Thumb War: 20/1

  • Down by 5-6 points with a week to go until the election, Romney will challenge Obama to a thumb war, winner gets the White House.